Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!


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May 18, 1997
This week Galaxy is giving one lucky winner a 580 MDT multi-display video card. Enter drawing in the HardForum!

Week 4: Galaxy 580 MDT - Drawn on 12-19-11


Post ONCE in this thread to enter the drawing telling us why you want a new Galaxy Video card!
i need to replace the 260 in my wifes pc.

this time can you pick a winner that actually folows the instructions and not give it to someone who posts "count me in" as a reason for "why you want a new Galaxy Video card!"
I want this Galaxy video card because it's sexy and I'm looking to get a big boy monitor soon (30").
Long ago, in a Galaxy, far, far away.... I was offered a Galaxy Video card by a time traveller in a flying van. It was 12 years ago today that I woke up on earth, without a Galaxy card in sight. Heartbroken.

Galaxy now has a chance to strike this from the history books.
I really need a new video card so I can keep playing multi monitor on the newer games. (ever see eyefinity without AA, not pretty).

Besides, my 6 year old is gaming now and I could pass my current card on to him so he can have some eyecandy over his ATI 2600XT he is currently running.

Its not for me, its for my son, daddy will play with it first though.

yep! got a 6 year old too, asking about gaming already and will pass on my current rig components as soon as I obtain bigger and better components for my self, haha!
I would like a 580 so i can give my 6870 to my daughter
I could give my 6870 to my Wife and watch this 580 melt my 22 in Samsung display. It would also give my PSU something to do.
Would love the Galaxy 580 MDT. Its from a great brand and I would love to start folding again...
I would like to win this Galaxy 580 MDT video card so that I can sli it with my 580.

Thank you for the great contest.
I want the Multi-display GTX 580 because i need it to keep me warm through these cold winter months. Oh and to enhance my 3D Pleasure :-D