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Someone told me on Steam to turn of DOF and Motion Blur game is ton easier on the eyes. I was wondering what was going on felt like needles to look at.
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One of those games people are afraid to buy but it still looks good. If you take off HDR it's way too colorful even the neckless shines.
Well I still liked Forspoken,yeah cringe dialogue,story but the game has something I like wasting time having fun. Got around 90 hours played,did not finish last boss fight,saving it for another day.
Playing Hogwarts now with some more cringe dialogue game thrown in Atomic Heart but that game is not fun at all.
I don't live by the written word honestly don't even know why I post here.
I don't get anything out of it.....
I posted there when they had a free weekend for a few months. I'm sure my posts are still there for 8 years ago or so.
I think if the camera was better if you telegraph the way Fray moves it's fun. Maybe the levels needed to be in rails more
Forspoken Update 1.10 Provides Sizable Frame Rate Boost but Slows DirectStorage Load Times

The latest Forspoken update released two days ago has introduced several frame rate optimizations to the open world action RPG, including improved VRAM usage and an updated DirectX 12 API version on PC...we decided to run the benchmark tool again to compare Forspoken update 1.10 with our original run analyzed at the game's launch in late January...the results were interesting...just like the developers had claimed, the patch provides a sizable frame rate boost

However, Forspoken update 1.10 has lengthened load times on most occasions...
Forspoken's In Tanta We Trust Expansion Announced for May

Today, Square Enix revealed the release date of the first Forspoken DLC- In Tanta We Trust...the DLC will be available for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store) and PlayStation 5 on May 26th...owners of the Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition will be able to play starting on May 23rd thanks to the complimentary three days of early access

The DLC expansion takes place 25 years before the events of Forspoken, with Frey continuing on her quest to eradicate the Break from Athia permanently...she follows a mysterious voice and ends up being transported into the past during the Purge of the Rheddig, the battle that destroyed Athia and led to its current state in the present

The environments of this Forspoken DLC have been designed more vertically than horizontally, allowing Frey's parkour abilities to shine in both exploration and combat...there's also a new set of magical abilities that can be unlocked to add powerful attack combos to Frey's already impressive arsenal...
I haven't dedicated enough time to the game but I should now that I have my OLED calibrated properly. I fired it up a few times but my eyes burned but it was due to having not having my monitor setup right. Now I have Adaptive Sync turned off less blinking.
Looks Epic but will it play that way I have yet to sink any hours into this past launch really.

Killed Tatos Silva she gave me the fire sword from the Demo finally don't have to just peg off enemies. The best way to describe this game is very loose structure as far as character movement no rails or corridors like in Dead Space.
Some areas like the Main City looks like Ass on my Oled for some reason it's washed out big time don't think the game was designed for Oled monitors. The LG Oled is alot easier on my eyes than my LCD was for gaming so I really don't care if some areas look bad on my LG.
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is it really that bad to just create a 'fake' Google account to watch the videos that require a sign-in?...I mean there are a lot of worse things out on the interweb
Going through the effort of creating an account seems like a lot of work when alternative frontends like Piped and Invidious exist.
Got some good reviews on Steam 8 positive reviews only because everyone wrote the game off aleady.
i played the demo and enjoyed the combat.. Been waiting for the game to go on mega sale and patched.. I do plan to get this.
It’s 50% off on Steam… not sure if I can justify it. Having a hell of a time getting into BG3 and Starfield.