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Jan 28, 2014
The game everyone wanted with their 3dfx card back during the hardware acceleration renaissance has been remastered by Nightdive Studios, the same developer who brought back Turok 1 & 2. I had not heard about it until I came across the store page on Steam last night. It uses the same versatile engine the Turok remasters do. I hope we see more classic games like this make a comeback. I also hope the music licenses are intact.

It is also available DRM-free on GOG.

I remember what a "shiny day" it was when I first rented this on the N64.

Really impressive at the time.

But, I also remember the level design being meh and the weapon feedback feeling non-existent....
I'm hoping they get the Descent Series. play that easily without having to do a serious investment to run it would be great.

This will scratch that itch. I honestly didn't even know about it until I saw this post. I got it on GMG for $14.
Holy shit, this brings back memories. Playing at my buddies house late at night on his 200mhz with a Voodoo2. Then we'd go hit the streets and toilet paper peoples houses.

Ahh, the good ol' days.
I remember playing the hell out of the game, and I also remember this image as a full page ad in a magazine.....

Think I remember the ad more than the game actually.... :p
Forsaken Ad.png
Do I get a discount if I can find the original disc?
If it has a CD key you can try entering it in Steam.
LOL, I was joking, Steam never accepted non-steam keys on their service.

For all the bashing EA gets, at least they are adding older games to Origin. Not all of my games can be activated on origin. But I could activate ME1, when I first installed origin it didn't accept my cdkey, but later it did. Proof that they are adding games.
Blast from the past, just saw this in the GOG email today.

One of the reviews said to check out Overload and it looks awesome!

Threads on Overload: here and here. (not to derail but might be of interest for other Descent fans)