Formula Boinc 2018 Strategy

My home internet is down. Not sure how long. Can't even load the modems monitoring page. Hopefully it isn't dead. Will reboot everything tomorrow again.
Did you get an earlier start, or just have lots of CPU threads on it? These tasks are long, so it is impressive you have so many already finished.
I got super lucky. I was bunkering one of my 4P rigs for a few days since I was already hitting the project before the sprint was announced. So all those tasks are ready to be dumped.

Might be more than 600. I know it was 570 last night and I'm sure ive added 100 tonit easily by now.
Got my internet back. 4 days of tasks downloaded.

Evidently I crunched Yoyo sometime in the past. Have 300k points in there. Did not know that.
Am I right in seeing that no wingman is needed on the ECM task?

I'm thinking of just leaving BOINC Manager set at "Suspend Network Activity" till Sunday morning. Edit: This is just for strategy against the other teams...
That's correct. ECM does not require a wingman.

Also, bunkering till the last minute is a good strategy just pay attention to the server. If it gets too over loaded then you'll need to dump your tasks sooner or they may not make it though the validator.
Look at Bryan still being sneaky about sending points to XS.

What is he doing? Crunching as anonymous then moving over later so the points get registered to XS?

How many points per ECM task? Looks like my old 4GHz Xeon is going to be 9 hours per task.
Today's stats. Look at the XS top three. Big dump last night from them. Not sure what rigs they have (most of the time hidden). AWS?
Double-edged sword got us with the AWS trick. Good for us, but good for them too.
That's what I'm thinking. OldChap BOINC past contribution history does not suggest that he has so many rigs and now he is like top of the world. In WCG, his rigs are shown here. No way he could have done this with these rigs.
Looks like this sprint is becoming who has the deepest pocket. Nothing against it.
I'm sure if anyone brings it up, they will just say they are playing fire with fire. Keep up the good work gents. Science is getting done and they are preventing it from being boring for us.
Someone just dropped a bunker in our team. (y)(y)(y) Still not enough but the gap is reduced to 660K.
That would have been Phoenicis who dropped a bunker. He also has a large army of AWS he's fired up. I've sent him $500 and atp1916 has sent him $150 to fund more instances. If anyone else wants to contribute PM me and I'll give you my address and fund 100% of the funds to his wife's paypal.
Holy moley crap! Salute to you all.


BTW, if anyone has got "waiting for memory" problem in some of the ecm tasks, see here.
If the FBs simply turn into AWS deep pockets matches, why even buy crunching rigs?

(Rhetorically of course)
If the FBs simply turn into AWS deep pockets matches, why even buy crunching rigs?

(Rhetorically of course)

You can't bunker AWS. Well you can, but you risk losing them all if they decide to cut you off for a bigger customer. Having your own rigs means you can bunker the tasks and strategically deploy them where and when you need them.

I'm not sure they're using AWS though, but it wouldn't surprise me.
You guys could just keep pooling your money into building TR boxes for me. :D
I just looked at the top hosts. It wasn't until I got to number 276 before I found a Platinum Intel Processor. This is most likely an AWS system.

Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz [Family 6 Model 85 Stepping 3]

It doesn't say who owns it, so it could very well be phoenicis'

I went as far as 580. Only counted 7 platinums. They're all most likely phoenicis' army.
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Please tell me you're getting your army attached to this so we can take down XS! PLEASE!
Yeah, gee, no pressure at all! :sick:

Have another quad-8160 coming online soon. Will see what I can do about the other boxes. A lot of them have been offline as I wanted to lay low for a while before people started questioning the massive amounts of power this one lab has been sucking down. Well, that and the noise was starting to get to me. :p