Forge of Empires


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Jun 25, 2003
Anyone play this game?

Been playing for about 4 months and I've got cities in five worlds:


Primary city is in Langendorn world. I've got 10 Great Buildings and currently in the Late Middle Ages.

It is a challenge maintaining balance between coin and supply inventory levels; the latter being one I have a problem with but otherwise this is a fun game.
I started playing on your recommendation. just stumbling through. lol
IndyJoe If you need any help, let me know. I stumbled through it like you for the first couple of ages then got the gist of it.

Current state of my primary city:

P2W isn't really a factor unless you really want (not need, big distinction) to rush training troops, accelerate building construction, etc. Many of the premium buildings can be won through Daily Challenges or Events. Diamonds (purchased currency) can be won many different ways as well. I've scored over 200 diamonds in the last week alone.

PvP isn't really forced but depends upon the Guild and the Guild's requirements for maintaining membership. Castlewood in world Langendorn doesn't participate in GvG or PvP. If a member wants to PvP then it is at the member's discretion.

How bad is p2w? How forced is pvp?
Been awhile since I started playing FoE so I though I'd update the thread with the current state of my city.

A considerable amount of changes have occurred; especially within the last month. Many new buildings added, events and prizes won. All without spending a dime.

Currently in Modern Era (MA) with about 80% of the Modern Age Research Tree completed. Working on researching Modern Tanks since the Progressive Era tanks aren't quite cutting the mustard any more. After that will be Bazookas to combat the MA tanks I'm facing now. Tanks make short work of ranged units.

Added a few Great Buildings (GBs) and upgrading them to acceptable levels for the boosts. The latest GB is The Arc which gives a percentage reward for contributing to other player's GBs. Mine is at level 2 which gives 12% on top of the reward received. Not much now but when it gets to level 10 it is a considerable boost.

Another must have GB is the Chateau Frontenac which increases the prizes received from quests. This affects coins, supplies, goods, Diamonds and medals. Right now it is at level 2 which grants a 60% boost. For example: if I complete a quest and win 50,000 supplies I'll actually receive 80,000 supplies. Win 100 diamonds, get 160. Etc, etc, etc.

My city currently covers roughly 55% of the available build area. I'm only 15,000 medals away from unlocking another 4x4 square. I'll have those medals inside of a week if I keep on the winning streak in the Guild Expedition.

A lot has changed since the last update so I thought I'd revisit the thread and give it a boost.

Right now we're one day away from the end of the 2021 Summer Event. The reward buildings are excellent. Pirates Hideout is fully upgraded and has 19 expansions attached (upper right in pic, longest building). Governor's Villa (middle, left of Alcatraz) .is also one that I just got the last upgrade for today. The combined boosts from these buildings is tremendous

My city has grown by leaps and bounds. Currently sitting in Virtual Future and about a couple of weeks away from going to Space Age Mars. I've learned a lot about how to actually play the game and am getting a few faltering's corrected.

First up, my Great Building (GB) Arc is too low. In order to reap the Contribution Benefits it needs to be at least level 80. For new players, the earlier the GB is upgraded the faster your city will grow. I'll be power leveling my Arc from level 31 to 80 within a week.

Another part is my army. It lacks home defense strength so I'll be leveling my attack / defense GBs after the Arc.

Last but certainly not least, have to add more supply buildings. Going to go with the smaller, slightly less output buildings as I'll be able to fit several which will more than make up the difference from one large one. Plus, smaller supply buildings normally don't require two lane roads.

Until the next update...