Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

And those makes you mentioned, regularly get 250-400k miles on those engines, when properly maintained. I have YET to see a pushrod motor get past 100k.

Ford 302s are pretty bulletproof, ive run them low on oil, overheated, ran on 6 cylinders, welded snapped off bolts back on, etc etc, I see most of them going 150-200k without too much trouble. They wont be running at peak performance, but they'll run :D
That would be their accounting departments forcing them to use substandard bearings. I'm sure the engineers designed them properly, only to have their knees cut out from under them.

That's true but engineers will design for the use case they are provided with, even if it's bullshit.
I'm talking about the rest of the world, not mulletland.

I've seen them both, hoods up, on the dealer floor. Maybe the Cobra engined one was a special order; but the cop car was the real deal. It's possible it was special-order, too.

The only Cobra powered CVPI that would ever grace a dealer floor would be the Bondurant Vics if they weren't a random owner's swap job. Eighteen Bondurant/Roush Vics are out there, assuming they haven't been wrecked/totaled, or weren't decommissioned.

There is a Lightning powered Vic that has swapped owners a couple times over the last few years out there.
I look forward to sedan WWII pillbox slit windows transitioning to SUV and crossovers as the collective height of vehicles grows and crash standards are adjusted accordingly.
I see plenty of fusion and focus cars on the road and they are not bad looking at all. The Taurus though I can see getting axed, too much competition in that segment.