For You Water Cooling Guys...Koolance TR4 and Springs in Stock


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May 18, 1997
Koolance's Threadripper CPU water blocks (400A-S TR4), which we reviewed here, and which we included in our AMD Threadripper Water Block Cooler Roundup for 2017, are now IN STOCK at Koolance. As you might remember, we are very fond of Koolance's hold-down kits because they use very high spring rates which help on some Threadripper water blocks that have "lesser" hold-down kits. We asked that Koolance bring a kit to market with these specific springs and they have done just that. You can grab those here for a whopping $10. You can find our video Threadripper round up for 2017 below.

2017 has been an exciting year with AMD re-entering the desktop and HEDT CPU market with Ryzen and Threadripper. While water cooling companies have been somewhat slow to bring new water blocks to market for Threadripper, the few we have to choose from have overall done a very good job at supplying very well performing products with the EK EVO Supremacy being the only water block to truly fall into the "Fail" category. If full custom loop cooling is not your thing, Enermax has a couple of AIOs that are specific to Threadripper that we have reviewed as well.