For fun, a bit of a throwback.


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Jan 10, 2004
What can you do with an old machine? Well it does depend on the machine.

BUT with the right machine it turns out, quite a bit.

The acer aspire 5935G, first glance just a typical machine of the era:

T6600 2.2ghz core 2
4GB DDR3 PC6400 800mhz
HD4570 512MB DDR2
500GB 5400rpm HDD
1366x768 display
90W brick

It has some nice features like a touch media panel and a backlit keyboard but is hardly going to set the world alight.

Let's have a look inside:


That would be an MXM slot. Now we could go crazy:


(that's a 7970M, just using it to flash the P150EM card which could not flash itself)

But considering the possible CPU power that's a bit overkill and stops it going back together fully.


Is a bit more interesting, 7770M, 512 GCN shaders, 1GB GDDR5 (also the right size)

So over the next few days I will be configuring it to the new specifications:

X9100 3.06ghz core 2 (overclock to around 3.4-3.6ghz most likely)
4GB DDR3 PC8500 1066mhz 5-5-5-15
500GB 7200rpm HDD
1366x768 display overclocked to 90hz
Slim 120W brick
Expresscard to 3x USB3 ports

I think that will do for a backup machine, power of a GTX660M level.
And where do you aquire these new parts from? And wouldnt it be cost prohibitive?
Its funny what people call "old" these days. Something like that is more than enough to be a dvr or movie playback rig.
And where do you aquire these new parts from? And wouldnt it be cost prohibitive?

Well the CL5 hyper-X ram was sitting in my parts box, the CPU and GPU were the most expensive bits, but being older or mid range not that bad.

This thing is now 5 years old which is pretty old for computers.
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Nice mod as usual :p man those type A cards are getting pretty badass, better than the type B 5870m in my Gateway...
I have to start doing some benchmarking again, I just don't have any decent 75 watt cards and my 230 watt PSU is for MSI not Acer/Gateway.

If anyone is actually interested in doing this, the gateway nv78 is where it's at in terms of upgradeability and availability. You don't have to sit a type B card on the RAM slots because there's plenty of space for it.

Keeping in mind I've never actually seen a nv78 with this motherboard for sale, I bought a parts machine and got this motherboard separately.

It also supports core 2 quads including the (overclockable) q9200, 1080p LED 17.3 display... quadro k5000m.... all you have to deal with is the cooling and overclocking the hell out of the CPU. What more could you need? well i guess k5000m aren't that easy to come by lol...

I'd love to see someone do a more "pro" mod on the nv78, maybe with a GTX 770m or something... and a heatsink that doesn't stick out of a hole in the chassis.