Focal Headphones


Fully [H]
Jun 7, 2008
Never tried these due to the price I mean the Focal Elex is 700.00 on Drop they raised the price on them the Eleiga which is like 399.00 on Amazon.
What I'm worried about is if these things break on me they do seem pretty fragile compared to other headphones. I might go the ebay route but I really don't know what I would be getting.
Also looking at the Phillip Fedelio X3 which seems to be a pretty solid unit. Right now I'm using the Hyper Cloud Alpha S which are basically Takstar Headphones.
I purchased a pair of the original version Focal Clear from headphones dot com ($890 now) and don't have any issues with quality. They feel very solid and sound amazing too. The only complaints i've read about is the prices of replacement cushions, but you can get lower priced versions of Focal cushions that fit or get them from 3rd parities
You've been buying a lot of expensive stuff lately. Did you rob a bank or something?
I have a set of Focal classic. They perform well for the money and are my most portable headphones. Overall good impression of the company.
When did Focal get a reputation for fragility?. Too many bros buying them for their teenagers or something. I don't know any adults with Focals that have that concern, I don't. Even if I did its Focal, they aren't new it flash in the pan. Get em. Even if you don't like them they have strong resale.