"FIX" For older AMD GPUs reset bug


Limp Gawd
May 28, 2020
Hello, ive been having some issues with my R9 290X not being usable after I restart the guest VM its attached to, I looked into the newer vendor-reset fixes, but they dont seem to support anything R9 3XX or older. After some trials and searching, I think I found the cleanest way to "fix" the issue. I am running this on proxmox 6-3-3, and while I am able to shutdown/start the VM without any problems related to the GPU, I cant do things like pull the ROM from the card from without a full host reboot, hence the "" around fixed.

Basically I followed this guide:

But instead of using the package manager, I just went here and downloaded devcon directly:

Locate your appropriate build/architecture and open the link in "url", which downloads the cab that contains the executable. Open up the cab, and search for the file located in "ExtractionName", copy this file somwhere (I put it in system32 along with the scripts) and rename it to "devcon.exe" (no quotes)

After that you can continue to follow the above guide about creating the startup/shutdown scripts. This seemed to work for me, as ive been able to shut the VM down and restart it sucesfully several times in a row now. Just figured I would share in case anyone else is having this issue.