First in .....


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Dec 27, 2015
Outside of slack....

We are aiming or trying hard to be the first team to reach 1B point in GoofyxGrid and will have our/your name permanently shows up in Free-DC stats website for each project. If you look around, we commonly see SUSA, GC, LAF, etc.

Not sure if there is any interest in our team to be the first in....

Currenlty new project may provide the opportunity to do so or not if the project suddenly just decided to close shop.


There are a few projects that no one has reached 1B yet.

That new project we could potentially hit 100M first.
You mean 100K?

The 1B might require our wolf pack behaviour....
No, i meant 100M in that new project. Dont think anyone has reached that yet.

1B in some of the projects that don't have 1B yet will take some time.
That DBN Upper Bound project gives very few points. 3100 seconds and 61 points. Just an FYI for people who are calculating our posibilities.
I don't understand why you would do this ( award low points for your project). it doesn't sound like there are any "rules" around what points you award so why not give out something reasonable for the amount of time required. They really need to get together and make it standardized in some way like how long it takes to crunch on XYZ system.
Well new projects I can understand for having low points. Even when most of the bigger projects started out their points were low, but the systems back then were also slower. So now that we have much more powerful servers compared to when these older projects started they can do much higher points now. If you start with high points initially, then the total points 10 years from now will be such huge numbers it'll be ridiculous.

However, some of these projects do have really, really low points. Even some of the older projects.