First Build inyears (guidance please)

As someone who just went through the transition of "old dev" to DevOps, these are wise words. Thanks for sharing

I was sitting at AWS with the #5 & #6 VCDXs going thru some retraining.
You could taste their fear.
I'm 45, these guys are older with mortgages/wives/kids/etc.
You knew it was do or die for them.
I have a current AWS DevOps Pro + Security Specialty working on cloud native builds to current ideology so I'm ok.

I got sick of VMware around 2013-2024 when they borked admin with that Linux appliance that would lock you out depending on browser issue of the moment. I had a fair amount of Xen backround, but they'd become complacent selling their core tech to Azure and AWS.

I decided to cut bait and move on.

That's a huge thing now, whether Dev or Ops, to protect yourself.
It's up to us to decide where to go, because that old way of being told we are end of lifecycle/support and we all move on to the next thing is over. We go away with the deprecated stack.

I know guys my age or older that are solid, but they won't get off SVN, or BSD, Postgres orcompliant sqldb, some other narrow thing.

Either way if I was the OP I'd be pissed that the AF is $85 MSRP.
If you needed a next build you didn't have to go all in blind, an AF + $60 B450 centric setup is easy to get off of if your use case proved to be something else entirely.
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Ok... So the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master is back-ordered until Feb 06, but the unity board is in stock. Should I just switch?

well with the d15 the chromax is just like the regular d15 only black but it's not offset like d15S and actually there are a lot of air coolers that actually beat out liquid coolers depending on which one's you get. but as far as the mb's are concerned i think the unify looks like an awesome board it's got the same 12 phase vrm that they use on their high end board, they give you heatsinks for ALL the M.2 slots and 2.5Gb lan. really the only thing it's lacking is RGB but there are plenty of other ways to incorporate RGB into a build if that's what you're after. Personally i think the all black color scheme looks pretty slick. But really up to you. just my opinion. I just wish i would have got that vs the asus TUF x570 i ended up with. i feel like i kinda got did dirty on it.
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If you can get some RGB in there then that RX 570 is about 5% faster thinking UFO's are coming ..
If you can get some RGB in there then that RX 570 is about 5% faster thinking UFO's are coming ..
:ROFLMAO: :blackalien:

Yeah... no need for RGB, but I don't mind black everything since my case is white and black. I just canceled the Master and ordered the UNIFY. I'll probably order that black cooler too.

You know. I once drove from Mountain View, Californa with a buddy (he lives in Mountain View) and we stopped at the back gate of Area 51. As we approached there were some polls that started flashing lights at us (I think they were taking pictures of our vehicle), so we got scared and turned on a random road to the right. As we sat laughing at ourselves a big white tractor trailer came barreling down that dirt road, looked like it was going 60MPH and the gate opened for it. He did not stop; just went right through.

Shortly after that I started having nightmares and one day I woke up with a weird scare on my leg. /FOS