Financial Info Leaked in Newegg Data Breach

Paypal is safe. When you use Paypal, your credit card/banking information is not exposed/sent to a merchant; they simply tell Paypal how much to charge you and Paypal handles everything behind the scenes so all Newegg gets is a token. In fact, as a matter of good security, I always use Paypal whenever I have the option to because Paypal is infinitely more secure than some random small time e-commerce website with limited resources for IT security.

I lean toward agreement with damicatz on this. PayPal acts as a trustworthy proxy and they have never ever screwed me on anything.

In fact, PayPal is even being accepted by some retail merchants like Home Depot if I remember correctly. You don't even need a card with you.
The funniest thing about all of this is that my recent RTX order was apparently the first time I've ordered from Newegg since 2013. Between Microcenter and Amazon I never never needed to. The fact that they had all of those cards that kept re-populating is the only reason I even looked to them this time.