Finally pulled the trigger on new MBP

Yeah, its a shame that Microsoft never promoted OneNote more. Indeed if it had I think that it could have helped to sell considerably more Tablet PCs. OneNote was first introduced in Office 2003 as an application that was targeted for Tablet PCs though of course you never have needed a Tablet PC to use it, but it really shines on a nice Tablet PC with a digital pen.

I hope Microsoft will have a version of OneNote running on ARM, since it's part of Office I'm sure they will but a lightweight ARM tablet with great battery life and could sell an ton of Windows 8 ARM tablets to students and professionals that need to produce hand written material. It simply blows away anything currently on iOS and Android for that task especially with Microsoft can through in some of that Courier technology that they leaked last year.
OneNote is an awesome but underrated app. Most never take the time to understand what it is for.

I use it a bit, trying to use it more these days and replace my piles of handwritten notepads.
I was tempted to purchase a 13" OR 2010 15" at microcenter tonight, ... thank god the wife was sitting in the back of my mind... that black MC card with a huge line of credit was tempting me...