File Integrity @ WHS 2011


Limp Gawd
Jun 4, 2012
Hi all,

I'm interested in knowing a little bit more about file integrity with Windows systems.
I have a WHS2011 with 16TB in Raid6, I don't feel any problems with loosing data since I am running Raid6 and will also start to make monthly (enough for me) backups to LTO5 Tape.

I am curious however as how to deal with corruption since I am about to expand with another 16TB volume and would like to add another layer of "security".
I guess windows doesn't take care of anything regarding integrity or such...

I have a small feeling that some really old files might have disapeared and others might have got corrupted...

- Is there any software that take a look at every file in the system and keeps a record of its status, or anything like that?
I am not sure if some software checksum is enough, or if these checksums are "bitwise" or "filewise" based?
- Is there any good software that makes incremental backups to HDD?
- Is there any good software that organizes backups to Tape?
(this is for home usage so feel free to let know of "any" software)

Please let me know more about this deal and examples of your setups.

The more I dug into this very same issue upon researching my options in a post-WHSv1 world the more I began to realize that nothing can hold a candle to ZFS. I spent a LOT of time doing research and while, for me at the time, it was unthinkable to switch to anything else... I also began to get extremely worried that by not switching I was compromising the integrity of my data (pun intended) with each passing moment. I ended up switching to FreeNAS and haven't looked back since. If you care about your data, use ZFS (with ECC of course).
I came from WHSv1 into 2011 because of the redundancy reason.

I started by using 3 or 4 disks with the Drive Extender, and quickly realized that it offers no security to my data.
After loosing 1 HDD and every file that was inside, I stepped up to a raid6 with whs2011.

But now, I would still like to increase the parade into something a bit more secure. The ammount of data (16TB+) starts asking for it.

For now I'm not thinking into going there, but when the time comes for the hardware upgrade I'd like to have the whole system running on top of esxi with zfs and then other vms for general purpose.

So for now the best Id like to have is really some software that will try to take care of my data.
Oh yeah totally, I hear you on all points and feel like I was in the same boat. For me however, I couldn't find anything in that regard or rather simply felt that what was available just wasn't adequate so I switched. Hopefully you'll find something that both works for you and makes you comfortable. Unfortunately the only suggestion I have presently is ZFS...