FB 2018 Overall Standing


[H]ard DC'er of the Year 2021
Dec 27, 2015
This thread is not to replace our strategy forum but just to put things in perspective. We have a good real time monitoring dashboard, courtesy of CV. Summer vacation is almost over. We have some new shinny hardware being setup, for e.g. RFGuy new 3 TR system. We have atp1916 with huge GPU armies, alnitak2019 silently crunching away for our team, phoenicis abundant TR systems, Skillz CRO function and generosity in AWS contribution and many more good die [H]ard folks here. Missing is fastgeek but I'm sure he will come back with vengeance as usual.;) I think weather permitting we should start wolf-packing on XSUSA soon on a few key projects, so please post in our strategy forum what you decide to run and give others a chance to decide if they want to wolf-pack along.

In marathon, our overall project position and points standing as of Aug 15 is slowly being eroded by XSUSA. If we take top spot from XS, the point deficit between the two teams will be reduced by 14 points, not 7 points, so this has the biggest impact to our overall FB points. XS currently has 18 projects at #1 spot, that's commendable.

Marathon Standing

In sprint, we barely able to keep up with XS. If we take top spot from XS, the point deficit between the two teams is 7 points for that project and will remain forever. We are "struggling" here. Understand that we are up against two very strong tag team.

Sprint Standing
Wow that really does put things into perspective.
If not taking over their 1st place status, we need to at least get in 2nd place in a lot of those projects. We have too many 3rd place positions that we can get 2nd in.

Also, winning the Sprints will determine the winner. Whoever has the most points/pole positions in Sprints will doubtfully win.