Fastest DVD drive for ripping


RIP [H] Brother - June 1, 2022
Aug 9, 2005
What is the fastest drive available for ripping DVD's these days?
Can't specifically recommend a given model number off the top of my head, but in my own experience, Pioneer DVD drives tended to be - that's tended to be the fastest rippers for my own ripping purposes. For a long time I had just a Pioneer DVD-ROM that seemed to be able to read most anything I ever tossed in it without issues, even some fairly damaged discs borrowed from my local library, and very rarely would it ever get stuck on some sector and not be able to manage to pull the data out.

Pretty amazing drives, but I can't say if they're the same level of quality as they were years ago. I currently own a LiteOn iHAS-324 (branded as an Asus drive) that has done quite well for me so far but is limited to a 12x rip (doesn't have RipLock on it, it's just not capable of reading much faster). The last Pioneer DVD-ROM I had could rip a DL disc in about 11 minutes; the LiteOn I have now takes about 14.5 to do the same thing. (used to be is still the best place for optical reviews and recommendations, you might get a more varied group of choices asking the same question over at their forums or just reading the latest reviews.
I agree with Joe Average check the forums and reviews at there is a wealth of info there. I personally have 2 Sony Optitrac drives A7240 an A7241 and both are not Riplocked.