Fast Laptop for Internet work


Aug 2, 2017
I am looking for a laptop that is going to be fast online working in many windows and tabs at a time (up to 4 browsers, with 5 or more tabs), loading pages, refreshing, working in google docs and sheets, so on, No serious video watching since its a work laptop. No dedicated graphics card required, unless it fits in the budget of $700-$800.

Any helpful hints about what specs would optimize performance online would also be very appreciated, as I am not knowledgeable with hardware, and dont know if processor speed, number of cores or RAM would most effect online performance. Also maybe a SSD? Wireless card?

Budget: $700-800
Needs to be as fast as possible online (and in general), dedicated GPU not required
Keyboard would ideally include a number pad for data entry

Thanks guys!
Really the big deal will be RAM. Chrome eats ram like candy so any dual or quad core CPU will likely be fine but you are going to want a minimum of 8gb of RAM. I personally would recomd as much ram as you can afford in a laptop. the dell XPS 13 is a higly rated laptop.

I ran one of these as my daily driver for about 6 months. This and its 15" cousin are the best windows laptops I've ever used and the only ones to ever make me not miss owning a MacBook. If my current MacBook died tonight and was replaced by the 15" XPS in the morning I'd be okay with it.
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The XPS is really nice. If I could get the 15 with a 1060 and 4K screen that wasn't over $2k would be all over it.
Does not have a numpad though.
Any interest in 2 in 1?
Mostly sitting at a desk with it or need it ultra portable on the move usage?

The Thinkpad X1 Carbon and Thinkpad T570/470P also very nice but expensive for what you get.

HP lets you customized a little more. Can get a pretty nicely spec'd 15t for around $800, for $1100 can get 4K screen and 16GB ram and 256 GB NVMe drive. Of course all them way over charge for ram\ssd upgrades. If any chance you can do them yourself much better off finding something with great processor and screen and crap for the rest of the components then buy your own ram and ssd.
Thanks for the suggestions guys! My boss will be buying this, and I plan to do mainly work on it, and he is willing to spend a bit more to get better performance. I mainly do online auctioneering and the like, so that is why the functional speed online is the main concern, and GPU muscle and display is not important. Having said that, and keeping in mind that the computer will be used to keep many windows open and requiring quick responce, but none performing any serious computing, do you think upping the RAM would be helpful or will just leave unused resources? Would there be any advantage in this case to getting an i7 as oppossed to the i5? And ultimately, do you still think its worth going with Dell over an ASUS or ACER and getting more bang? ALso, what are your thoughts on refurbished? Thanks again guys!
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Well it depends on which i7. The i7-7500U is 2 cores\4 threads. The i7-7700HQ is 4 cores\8 threads. Its really annoying. All the i7-7500U has over the i5-7200U is a little speed.

A fully loaded i5 would probably be better than a stripped down i7 I guess. The extra cores though can come in handy if your doing alot of multi-tasking and having a little GPU horsepower never hurts. 8 vs 16GB is tough. Can probably get away with 8 but if you don't get rid of as much of the bloatware these things come with its going to feel sluggish. You will likely never get anywhere needing 16GB either, 12GB would really be the sweet spot but I think that would kill dual channel also. Refurbs are usually fine.

See if your boss will splurge for this:

I know you don't need a gamer machine but this thing is loaded down very nicely for the price.

Also not bad:

The trick with laptops is to wait for the right deal then pounce. Nice rebate deal going on Dells right now: