Fan Project


Jul 8, 2019
not sure if this is were this should go mods move please if im mistaken, so i have been amassing a collection of fans for builds and i was wondering can i reuse these ones i would nt consider A Grade (GT's,ML,Noctua,Chromax) and cut the ends of the fan connector and say solder on a battery connector? was thinking of ways to reuse fans for cooling my av cabinet instead of buying those usb ones off amazon.
As long as you can get the battery voltages in the right range for the fans (usually 5-12V, it should say the range on the sticker on the rear of the fan), you should be fine. Lower voltage=slower fan, but don't exceed the maximum. People have been rewiring fans to work off USB and 9V batteries for a long time.

Why are you hooking them to a battery instead of a plugged-in power source?
so i could mount these in unideal places like the av were there wont be many usb powered options, and i havea current project were im ducting cold air from the outside of my place direct into my pc over the heatsink, seeing what -20c-50c wil ldo to temps over the base of my cpu cooler.
I think you'll find that batteries will run down pretty quick. You may instead want to look at getting a 12 V power brick with a sufficient current (amps) rating for the fan(s) you intend to use.

Or look into something like this.