Fallout 76 Has Already Been Reduced to $35


Dec 1, 2010
But that usually DOESN'T apply to new game releases. It's only in the last couple of years that we've seen a few games get discounts before the holidays, on "just released" but "poorly performing" games. No games that anyone wants are now a better deal than buying them smart at release - like getting RDR2 for $48 on release at Best Buy... it's now costing the same or more depending on where you look.


[H]F Junkie
Jul 16, 2008
Maybe I need a 2nd option on what I posted where you think I'm "superior again", "smarter than the rest", having an "ego", or full of myself, because I'm missing it?
Could you point that out?
Can't find the news post of the game that was discounted weeks ago.

Only thing I started was asking a question because weeks earlier, people weren't too happy a game got discounted shortly after it was release, which for whatever reason triggered you.
So the only one pissing in the wind, is you, and it looks like a full blown hurricane.

I edited that second post, thought it sounded wrong the way I initially worded it, unfortunate that you caught it in it's previous state. Still, those were my words.

Perhaps your post as well didn't reflect what you actually intended to say. Maybe I should explain what your comment sounded like to me.

It sounded like you were saying that all the people who paid full price are hiding and don't want to admit it, like they are ashamed or embarrassed.

I wanted to let you know I don't feel the least bit ashamed or embarrassed and that I am right here if you need an explanation why.

Now if that wasn't your intent then I misunderstood your meaning.