fallout 3 pc controls


Limp Gawd
Dec 27, 2008
i just started playing the game and im only about 20 minutes deep in the intro. i cant figure out how to pull out my gun or run?? it doesnt show anything about the control scheme or setup in the settings menu and i dont have the book.... cant find it anywhere online. anyone familiar with the game can give me the control layout for keyboard?

R by default to pull out your weapon. Equip one by hitting tab to go into your pipboy and select it under the weapons under inventory.

There should be a keyboard mapping option IIRC right in one of the main menus..
what bugged me the most is there are keys you can't rebind to something else like exiting menus and what not. FO3 is not a lefty friendly game.
Actually, if you hold R it puts the gun away. If you just tap R while having a gun out it will reload if need be, and if not it won't do anything.

Yep, caps locks toggles run. IIRC, if you have run toggled off and hold LShift, it will make you run.
Ya, the controlls in this PC port are abysmal! I ended up having to use AutoHotKeys to get my usual numpad controll scheme to work, and even then it's very quirky at times.
Fallout 3 was one of the few games I played with a xbox 360 wireless controller and the wireless usb adapter. Works like a charm.
The 360 controller works fine on it, mostly because that's what they made it for to begin with.
Yeah, the clunky console interface REALLY bugs me sometimes, this was an issue with Morrowind and Oblivion especially so.