Facebook Connects ISIS


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
The Telegraph is suggesting that Facebook is better at connecting ISIS folks better than it does for friends you might be missing. Considering I have no friends and don't use Facebook, I will withhold my comment.

Facebook has helped introduce thousands of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) extremists to one another, via its 'suggested friends' feature, it can be revealed.
I can't wait to see the movie about this. It's going to be the sequel to "Idiocracy".
Good news indeed. Knowing our gov't, it's all tapped. So they can guide those missiles right to their homes.
While I hate FB and think it should be removed from the planet, this seems like an advantage to governments, easier to track than say if they go into the dark web and encrypt everything. They will find ways to communicate so using public platforms seems a better way to keep track of them.

If our government was really good, they'd set up a terrorist network that looks like it comes from some clandestine location made by fellow terrorists, but instead lets them watch and observe what is going on and keep some bad guys from killing innocent people. If Tom Clancy was still around he'd probably spin that into a nice tale.
That's literally one of the points of FB. The algorithm isn't connecting "extremist with extremist," it's connecting people with common interests. If you happen to like Jihad, death to America poetry, and may have followed a few radical clerics, you'd likely be matched with members of ISIL too.