External drive for laptop?


Limp Gawd
Dec 26, 2005
Is there such a thing as an external optical drive (CD/DVD) that gets data via USB and is powered with a wall plug (ie,not via USB)?
err... why? The 3.0 models can get enough power from one cable and the 2.0 models can get all of their power from the laptop w/ 2 cables.

You may be able to "make" one out of a 5.25" external case and a standard ODD but it'll be huge compared to the slim, portable models.
I bought a Lenovo laptop and it did not appear to have enough power to drive an external drive. It had some other problems, so I returned it and the drive. I just wanted to be sure the drive works on the next laptop I buy. Maybe it was a problem with a defective laptop.
I have an older slim USB DVD-ROM that I use on occasion to install things with, and it has a wall plug. They are out there.
Random idea that may work: One of the split cable USB 2.0 ones may work w/ one of the plugs hooked to a USB charger (be sure it can deliver at least 1 Amp)