Extensions cords for Oculus Rift to use in other room?


Jun 6, 2014
I can't be the only one who has thought of this, but my room is not that far from the living room and I want to know if there was a way I could extend the HDMI and the USBs that I need for the sensor hmd into the living room without there being any problems. Is there a length limit that I could use for extending an HDMI signal and the USB cables? I don't always feel like playing VR but for the few times that I would like to it would be awesome if everything was just in the living room. Unhooking and taking my desktop into the living room would be very inconvenient.
What's the distance in feet? Last I recall you can go up to 50 feet on a single HDMI cable before needing any signal boost. Get yourself an active USB extension cable and plug it into a powered 4 port hub.

I'm not sure exactly what is required to use an Oculus so I'm just assuming a few USB ports + hdmi based on your post.

I can't guarantee the increase in latency would be nonexistent in something as sensitive as VR, but I have a 50FT HDMI cable running through the attic down to the living room TV + 4 port powered USB hub behind the couch for controllers, wireless mouse and keyboard, which is hooked up to a USB port using a 15FT active USB extension cable I run right through the wall.. I duplicate my main monitor and can go back and forth without noticing any difference at all.