Experiences with Mediacom?


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Jul 11, 2001
Does anyone here have any experience with Mediacom? It seems like they are primarily an east-coast ISP but for whatever reason they also serve tiny portions of California (where I am).

I am curious about user experiences and opinions. I am getting a lot of conflicting information when I look for service plans, etc. One page shows them as having residential plans with data caps up to 3TB/month on their most expensive tier. Another page seems to show caps as 350GB/month across all of their service plans. I'm not really sure what to believe. We would blow through 350GB in a matter of days, but we might be able to work with 3TB as long as they eventually raise it. They have business plans also with no monthly caps, but the only plan that they have with reasonable speeds is about $350/month, significantly more than we are paying now.

Currently we are on Comcast Business. They have been excellent for us. We are able to get full speed at any time of day, no throttling, essentially no downtime whatsoever, no calls about data usage even though we use an average of about 100Gigabytes per day, and knowledgeable techs out in less than an hour any time we ever had to call.

So how is Mediacom? How strict are they with their data caps? Do they throttle?
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Jan 20, 2011
I only have experience with business accounts, several clients use it here in the midwest. Speeds are generally good, reliability is pretty good, although some offices seem bulletproof, and some go offline briefly a couple times a month. Customer service is generally quick. Around here there are few options to get high speeds (dsl caps at 40mbs), so the higher tier packages are expensive. Seems to deliver those speeds though, for example at one office we have the 105/10 plan, and it regularly tests at 100 down and 20-30 up.

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I was a customer, consumer-side. Shady and deceitful would be words I would use to describe them.

The other thing, too if you read the AUP, they are the same from residential to business-cannot host anything, no servers, vpn, etc.

The service itself was rock-solid 98% of the time, customer service and tech support was generally a frustrating event as they outsource and the accent gets thick. Some of their troubleshooting methods are just off the wall, like unscrew the coax and ground the center pin to the side of the connector type crap, to reboot your router when I tell them I am directly connected to the modem.


Mar 2, 2009
I've used them in both the consumer and business side. Both have been good to us. Speeds meet the needs. We did have a run in with them on the business side with an Internet circuit but after a short come to Jesus meeting they bent over backwards to make it right...