EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

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What are the margins on AiB's? Really that low?
Supposedly with all the recent heavy price cutting AiBs are losing money on each sale. Jay used a EVGA 3090 as a example. At $1399 they are losing money. Right now I see it as low as $1099 at MC for it. MC probably eating a lot of that themselves. Which I am ok with MC and other retailers losing money. They were the primary cause of the insane prices.
Damn wasn't expected that, but also not surprised. Evga was my go to for Nvidia cards new or used. What is everyone's preferred next option?
Damn wasn't expected that, but also not surprised. Evga was my go to for Nvidia cards new or used. What is everyone's preferred next option?
I would say MSI since I had a good RMA experience with them the one time I had to use it. Then again I don't like the shady stuff MSI been doing and they are typically the most expensive. Asus and other have terrible customer service.
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Edit: I've been toying with the idea of getting back into gaming and have only considered EVGA cards as they did me a solid when my original Titan went belly-up 2-3 weeks after the 5-year warranty expired.

I'm wondering if I should buy something now? Will EVGA's stock run out fast? Prices rise? Extended warranty?

Just crazy no Nvidia GPUs from EVGA anymore.

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sort of surprised they they didn't jump to AMD or even intel.. I guess they make some other stuff but video cards are the only thing I have ever bought from them.
At work/tldw- what's the story here? Is there an official press release or just tech toober coverage?
Same and Google finds these two vids and that’s it so far.

Edit. Also Evga has been my go to for Nvidia cards too. Time to buy a few for the collection!?
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Right, what's going on? EVGA went straight to Jay-Z and Tech Jeebus directly without an official announcment? This is crazy.
I can understand Jay since he is like the down the road from EVGA HQ and been a huge proponent for EVGA over the years.
nVidia has done some incredible things in the last ten years.

Being able to stand out in the tech industry as a particularly shitty company to do business with is a real accomplishment.

I think Kyle on this very site was one of the first to really point out what a complete cockintheass that nVidia was acting like.
I just bought an EVGA 3080 ti specifically because I was going to do their step up. Which I had done once before. This really sucks.
Wow EVGA revenue for gpu is 78%. The CEO claims they are not laying off ATM. I don't know how they plan to stay in business shutting down majority of their business.

Besides motherboards, they got plenty of loyal fans, and can make whatever they want. Remember when Razer made good stuff? EVGA can kick them to the curb with keyboards and mice that don't require an internet connection and subscription. Cases, fans, sound cards, other peripherals, hell, even mousepads.
This probably has more to do with the time noting Tariffs and the costs of operating a US company out of China. Well I’m sure the CEO and upper management will get their golden parachutes.
There's an old saying we have on the eBay council.
"If you're loosing money on a product, raise the price."
so they're just skipping the next-gen 4000 series versus permanently exiting the GPU market...they're taking a big stand against Nvidia even if it hurts their bottom line
Wow EVGA revenue for gpu is 78%.
Apparently their actual profit is way, way lower though. They claim it's unprofitable to continue doing business with nVidia, though I am sure that's not the only reason this happened.
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