EVGA SuperNOVA P6, 80+ Plat 1000W - $129.99 (less w/code)


Oct 20, 2005
Update 8/4: DEAL IS DEAD (back to 179)

Available here: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=220-P6-1000-X1
Can take an additional 10% using an associate code making it $117.
Currently going normally for ~$160-170 elsewhere

/r/buildapcsales has an EVGA code, but I wasn't sure if it was okay to post it here (nothing in the rules, but just erring on the safe side)
It's listed in the reddit thread in the top comment.

Seasonic is the OEM. Built on a modified form of the Seasonic Focus Platinum platform.
Reviews seem relatively positive overall, some noted an inefficient 5VSB rail, slightly louder fan under high loads, and some other relatively small issues.

Edit: note this has been fluctuating in and out of stock, so give it a bit of time if it shows out of stock.

I bought one just now. Hoping going with a higher wattage, higher efficiency PSU might allow me to win the coil whine lottery and lessen or solve my 3070's coil whine. Shot in the dark, but either way, I don't mind the upgrade, some future proofing for RTX 4xxx :D
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Received mine. Installed and enjoying. I only use it at 30-50% capacity at most, but it's silent. Since reviews did not recommend ECO mode, I'm running it in normal mode and at least at these loads it is dead silent.

Didn't solve my GPU coil whine problem (and I knew that going in, that it's a lottery essentially to get a config that is free of coil whine), but now I have more headroom and a more efficient PSU, so I'm still fine with the upgrade.

I'll keep my SuperFlower Leadex 750 as a backup/test unit (or eventually sell). I like the # of ports and cables you get with this. Nice cables too, were really easy to work with. I especially like that a couple of the cables they include don't have multiple plugs on them- for instance, two of the GPU cables are only PSU-connector to a single 8-pin(8+2) connector. This is cleaner than the other cables which terminate with double connectors on the GPU end (which they also include)