EVGA or Gigabyte or Asus GTx 1070 Recomendation


Oct 17, 2016
Hi, so I'm looking to build a new PC and will be having the following so far:

1. Case: Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered Glass in Galaxy Silver
2. Processor: Intel i7 Processor (i7-6800K)
3. Motherboard: Asus X99-Deluxe II

I'm stuck on which GPU to get. I'm thinking the EVGA 1070, but again NOT sure which one to get here. I am not a gamer at all, but am software developer so for me to be able compile programs quickly and have color accuracy is extremely important. Later down the road I plan on getting the ASUS 4K monitor, but I wanna be sure that the GPU and other parts I get can support it.

I hear that even the Gigabye 1070 is really a good option, but I'm thinking at the end of the day all the forms of 1070 are more or less probably the same. Because I'm not a gamer, I'm assuming FPS will not matter much to me, but yet want something smooth when I'm watching movies.

Any help or feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

- AJ
EVGA is having issues with Pascal, so I'd advise you to stay away from them for now. The Strix OC is pretty good, it gets high OC quite often from the looks of it.
How about Giga 1070? I have one on the way... Are they reaching 2ghz core clocks?
What problems are they having?

VRMs on all of their Pascal custom GPUs are not cooled properly, leading to VRAM chips overheating.
EVGA GTX 1070/1080 Overheating Issues - Company Says Thermal Pads A Solution

Personally I would not bother with the hassle and go for another brand this round.

For the OP, just buy the cheapest 1070 you can find. I think the ones from Palit/Gainward are the cheapest.

On Newegg right now you can buy 2 Zotacs for MSRP. Haven't heard anything bad about Zotac this round yet.

gtx 1070 - Newegg.com
You might consider MSI too. I have their 1070 X and it is quiet, cool and overclocks great right out of the box.
MSI or Zotac, you can't go wrong with either & they both have really good heatsinks.
Its going to ened up being a personal preference choice. Most of the 1070s are on par with each other just make sure you get one with a good cooler and samsung memory if you plan on overclocking card.
I picked up a Zotac 1070 that has a aftermarket cooler with FE board and I get 2022-2113mhz on core depending on the game. You'll be fine no matter the card.

Heres one I picked up its on sale right now