EVGA GTX 1080 crashing when starting a program


Jan 31, 2022
Looking for some help with a crashing EVGA GTX 1080 blower style cooler card I've been trying to repair

It crashes out instantly, or after about 3 frames of any graphical program. Even OCCT tests end themselves after 10 seconds as if I'd pressed stop. Once it reported 619000 errors but it's only done that once, normally I'm not getting any indications of what is causing the issue.

Stuff that I've done so far:

It had some components knocked off the back which I replaced. Q522, R618, and the 0 ohm resistor next to them.

Powered it up and found memory voltage missing. It was missing a line to one of the memory voltage mosfet pins so I bridged it and now it works. I think it was another 0 ohm resistor on the back of the card being knocked off, that I missed before, that might have caused this. I found two pads that were connected to this new line I'd bridged, but because I've already linked them I'm not sure if they are supposed to go to each end of the connection. I bridged them with solder to bypass my dodgy link and avoid that being the issue.

During the process I've taken off the memory voltage supply mosfet and replaced it with something from another reference board but swapped it back when I realised it wan't the issue.

Not sure what to try next as the card boots and installs fine, just won't run any programs.
Any ideas?