EVGA GeForce GTX 650 2GB for added physics


Sep 10, 2007
What you guy think if i add this card to my existing 670 ftw setup for physics , i think for the price of 140 the EVGA GeForce GTX 650 2GB is not bad
My PhysX card is only using 175MB of memory in Borderlands 2.

I would save 30 dollars and go with the 1GB version of that card. Even the 1202 Mhz clocked EVGA card is $110 AR on Newegg, versus $140 AR for the 2GB version.

Also, the highest utilization I've seen on my dedicated GTX 460 is around 40%, so I imagine a GTX 650 should be fine for most 60Hz monitors.
Thanks jolli , just checked on the info you told me and yea your right the 1g card is cheaper , should do the trick im thinking especially if your 460 is only at 40 percent . Im not really taking a hit in Borderlands 2 , but man in Alice and Batman GETTING A HARD HIT ! ! !
Well I have to correct myself on the 40% remark. That was playing by myself.

I was playing coop with a friend today and actually hit 60% in a few parts.

Not sure how that affects things. :)