EVGA 3080 black screen issue. Anyone else.


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Nov 5, 2005
I have an EVGA 3080 XC Ultra and i am having random black screens. Never happens while gaming. Anyone else have that issue?
What happens after the screen goes black? Does it come back on after a while? Do you have to reboot?
Same card here. I don't have black screens but I have noticed some flickering. Not sure if its related or not...
^^is it hard locked? like you have to hold the power to turn off or can you press it and it shutdown? if its hard locked, look at your psu first. btw, what is it?
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If you haven’t already, update to driver 461.52 or 461.72. It fixed this for many people experiencing TDR issues.
I had this recently with my Titan Xp, exact same thing. Bought a new HDMI cable, no change, thought the card was on it's way out, but upgrading to the very latest version of Windows 10 solved it. I have Education edition and for some reason the latest build wouldn't get pushed down automatically.

So I'm on version 20H2 19042.804 now. Hasn't done it since.
Like Spine said, I've also heard about these issues with different builds of windows 10. Make sure you're OS is updated fully.
Drivers are the most to date as is windows 10. My 3070 systems doesn’t have these issues at all. I did some research and it seems lots of people with evga 3080s have this issue.
Drivers are the most to date as is windows 10. My 3070 systems doesn’t have these issues at all. I did some research and it seems lots of people with evga 3080s have this issue.

RMA the card. This is a precursor to the cards eventually dying with red LED lights of death and never booting again.
I strongly suggest when you RMA the card, just sell it (at these inflated prices) and buy something known stable, like an Asus Tuf or Strix, or a Palit or even a Zotac (God forbid).
Agree with the above. Seems like most EVGA cards are ticking time bombs. Not sure when they will go off. Seems to happen every gen since after 980 Ti era and why I avoided EVGA cards especially since I am not in US.

Hopefully my 3090 doesn’t blow up anytime soon and EVGA releases an update about the power/black screen/red light issues.
Seems to be a thing that's becoming pretty common with RTX 3080 cards.


I was experiencing the same issue with my monitors freezing up, going black for a few seconds, then coming back on and working normally. I turned off G-Sync on my one monitor and disabled hardware acceleration in my web browser and that seems to have fixed the issue for now.
I have the exact same experience with my 3080 XC3 ultra. It never happens while running a game. Just a random black screen while on the desktop lasting for just a few seconds at most. Firmware is up-to-date. Since we have the exact same GPU (other than mine has a hybrid cooler), I suspect checking the EVGA forums might be worthwhile for similar experiences. I haven't updated to the latest driver, but since the common denominator seems to be the GPU model, the driver isn't likely the issue.

Actually.. a quick look at the EVGA forum. Is it the same issue?

Black screen locking up your system when the GPU is put under load is almost always a PSU issue.
it does it when NOT under load. Almost always while idle at the desktop
Black screen issues are not unique to EVGA cards. I have seen reports of black screen issues at load and idle for pretty much every brand at this point. And that’s with beefy PSUs as well. Seems to be a Nvidia issue.

The unique issues to EVGA FTW3 cards are the power balancing and red light of death issues.