Evga 2080 TI ftw3 Ultra


Limp Gawd
Mar 18, 2013
Title says it all still under warranty , things overkill for 1440p , was waiting to get a 4k 144hz monitor soon but family fiancés will not allow for that. Any questions feel free to ask - $975 shipped and insured. As stated actually went hardline watercooling and am using a hydro copper card now.
Card has plenty of warranty left !

Length: 3 years from date of purchase
Status: In Warranty
Days Left: 640

please have good heat and or eBay. My eBay is +555 and heat is flawless.
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I've got a evga hydro copper block that was used for 2 weeks when I had my card before returning it and buying a kingpin. Still got the block.

I called it the superman Cape! As that card overclocked like a champ on water! 2190mhz!

Should kept that card over buying the kingpin!

Great card!

Buy it!
O I am tossing in a 1080 TI back into my computer, thing is overkill and am going to watercool my PC.
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No longer trading got a new card selling this one
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I have the Aorus 2070 super, how much cash u lookin to get? 6C1BC4C6-6F62-49B1-AEAB-ED422F8A89F3.png
Bumping this up as I bought a hydro copper 2080 ti so once again selling my ftw3 ultra, original owner , have all original boxes. $975 shipped
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