EVGA 1000 or 1300 PSU? Help decide...

Nov 10, 2005
Ok I bought a Thermaltake 900 Tower... yes huge, but I wanted it pre covid at $250 then shot up to $475 during covid.. scored one on amazon last week @$250!!!!

so next up is power supply on my slow build.

I was told best to go with 1000w cuz eventually if I water cool plus all the fans this case can hold.. plus rtx 3070/3080 or 3090 if prices go down some day...
I do not build often (last was a q6600 with all recommendations from here)

so i do not have to have evga...

recommendations on what power supply to go with max $200 budget? I am not a brand loyal person, do not need the latest and greatest...
I can say yall recommended the corsair hx620w in my dual 9600 gt+ q6600 in 2009 and that PS is still running in my storage server with 40 drives!!!! LOL..

so I was on amazon and saw... All EVGA
1000 GQ - $149 !!!! NICE AND CHEAP!!!!!
G5 - $202
P5 - $209
G+ - $164
P3 - $239

then decided to look up 1300 watts...
1300 G2 - $229!!!!
G+ - $199
GT - $217
GT+ - $214

But I know nothing of any of these...
what would you do if you were me?
thx in advance...


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Jul 11, 2001
There is really no need to go above 1000w unless you are planning to use multiple GPUs to mine cryptocurrency or similar. Multi-GPU for gaming is dead. I still run my backup computer that has 3 GPUs in addition to an overclocked 5820k (which uses more power than my current 5900X) and 1000w handles all of that easily.

I'd check out the Super Flower PSUs. They are one of the OEMs that EVGA uses for some of their best PSUs, but also sell units under their own name. Their PSUs go on sale regularly. With a couple coupon codes I got a Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850w last year for about $65, and that easily powers my 5900X+2080 along with my AIO, 6 hard drives, and a dozen high-CFM fans.


Nov 16, 2005
I'm using the 1000w GQ I got from a member here. I also have the 850w GA as a back-up. Both rock solid units. I have no complaints.
Nov 10, 2005
I cannot believe how many ports there are on these power supplies.
I do not think I will be using many of them so that seems like a waste and I saw other cheaper 1000w power supplies like ThermalTake (which my case is)
but reading around EVGA is where it is at...

so paying $60-$125 more for a PSU, hope it is worth it!
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Nov 10, 2005
The g2s are still superflower made. I checked with their forum tech support guy last year.
whelp she is here...
thx all...