Ethernet switch & IP addresses


Limp Gawd
Dec 29, 2005

I have an Nvidia shield and computer in same room. I only have 1 eternet cable coming from an ASUS AC-68U router. I get weak wifi in this room so I want to put both Shield and my computer on wire. To do that, I plan on buying a regular 5 port unmanaged eternet switch.

Each of the 2 devices must have separate ip addresses because my Shield will be used to stream steam games (using app 'Gamestream' on Nvidia Shield). My pc will be running the actual game so both pc & Shield must have separate ip addresses.

Here's the question. If both devices are connected to a single switch, which links a single eternet cable to the Asus router, won't they both have the same ip addresses? Is there any way to have different ip address for each device?

The IP addresses are probably assigned by the AC-68U router via DHCP, the switch (managed or unmanaged) has nothing to with assigning IPs.

Just plug them in and as long as there are available IPs in the DHCP table it will work fine, each device will get its own IP address.
Yes what the 2 above said is true. It will work 100% I would recommend the cheap metal trendnet switches for like 20$