Esoteric (rare) hardware from the past

That reminds me, I havent fired up my old soyo slot A board in forever, makes me wonder if mine still works too. Hopefully my caps havent puked out the death slime.
No, just an Ebay "untested" special. Wouldn't even get power or post. Probably voltage regulator failure. I sent it back because I don't need another project lol.
Just finished designing and assembling a clone of an AMD K7 goldfinger overclocking device. I uploaded the source KiCAD files, gerber files and BOM on Vogons forums.

Yes I'm OCD and made sure all the SMD resistors have the text facing the same way haha.

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cool stuff, I have an original one as well (not as complex as this one), but did not manage to test it yet.

Also have a k7M mobo working, happy to do some testing for this GFD clone :)

if you agree, please send me a PM (I cannot yet, as I am still new to the forum)