Epson 3100 or Benq 2050a


Limp Gawd
Nov 28, 2014
I have it narrowed down and cannot decide. This will be my first projector and I have limited knowledge. They are both around the same price and I am just unsure.

It seems the Epson would be a better projector but the input lag worries me as well as the higher noise db.

Also I am looking at a refurb Benq which would be $100 less and finally considering a w1070 because it is MUCH cheaper than the others.

Besides the which one should I get and why, my questions are is the input lag going to be a deal breaker? I will not be doing competitive gaming on this. Yes I will play games but mostly movies in the basement. Also is the W1070 even decent in comparison? $300 difference is a lot to me and I also have to consider getting a screen and speaker system.
same chip in 2050a and w1070... i would imagine the picture quality for both is extremely similar.
I was literally in this same situation!

I went with the Epson 3100.

The BenQ was on sale for $599 on Cyber Monday, after tax it was around $653

The Epson was on sale for $699 on Black Friday. I found a site selling it and had a 10% off coupon. Got it for $629.10.

I was thinking of ordering the BenQ on Cyber Monday but decided to stick with the Epson.

Just waiting on delivery now.

Both BenQ (16ms) and Epson 3100 (28ms) have decent input lag and should be fine with most things.