Enermax Case - Project Renovation


Jan 20, 2004
Here's my Enermax Case Project. Just time for something new!

Here is the case before:


Here is what happened with the blow hole. I didnt like the look, so putting in a top window would be a good solution.


Piece of plexi & Planning:



I wanted to put a top window in my case to let more light out, since my case sits on the floor. I'm not gonna mount it yet till I figure a way to straighten the lines out. I've got a ton of sanding to do to make it look good...



I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the front. Any Suggestions?


Here's the side window I cut. I wanted to use the old plexi glass and blow hole, so here's what I did. It used to look like a flower. I cut the Left and Right pieces out.


I'm thinking about doing the following:

-Painting the Top and Bezel Metallic Blue ( the interior color)
-Paint the Whole Case a Different Color
-Putting Automotive Edging to hide the bad cut lines.

I'll post more pics as I get closer to finishing up the project.

Questions & Comments are Welcome!

Molding would probably be the easiest. You could also try a jigsaw and some sort of straight-edge jig.
first, host the first image yourself. it's not much, but it still isn't yours.

now... on to the case.

i like the window better now. i think that look suits the case more. wrt the front, i'd at least paint it. maybe cut a design into it or something.

It may take some work and some sore arms, but I suggest taking off the paint that is on it now. From the pics you have it looks pretty crappy, and it seems like you are planning on painting it anyway.

As for the front, I would remove that plexi-ish stuff and put a picture under there that matches the theme of your case when you decide what to do.

As for the top, if you are having trouble getting those lines straight, take a very flat piece of wood, a scrap piece of plexi or better than those another piece of metal with a straight edge and get some clamps. Clamp it down so that it's edge is the same as where the edge needs to be in the top panel (you'll want it clamped so the outside, the part that is going to stay, is covered up) and run your dremel with a cutoff disk along the edge of that to make your cuts. Pull back if you start to hit the metal or whatever. It doesn't guarantee that you won't mess up, but it makes it a bit easier to keep a straight edge than trying to follow a line drawn underneath a bunch of dust.
rogue_jedi said:
first, host the first image yourself. it's not much, but it still isn't yours.

Sorry, but I do not have a picture of the case when I first bought it.

Thanks for the tip about the dremel technique. I'll give that a shot next time. After a lot more sanding, it looks a lot better! I'll have to update the pics soon.

Should I repaint the whole case that Metallic Blue?
Or just part it out with Black and Blue Parts?

I really like the whole Black & Blue ...maybe some White?

Any suggestions for the paint job?
My case used to sort of look like that. Take off that plastic acrylic front and reverse the sheet aluminum so that it's on the outside. You can paint it too if you like.