EKWB Issues Refund for Underperforming Threadripper Waterblock


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May 18, 1997
Surely we here at HardOCP have gotten to learn a few things about EK the company and its Threadripper Supremacy EVO waterblock in the past couple of months. Its waterblock's performance is far from "the best" as is described on its website, and its PR people have even pushed back against at least one of its customers calling factual reporting of the performance "guerilla marketing." You can read all about those things in our review.

It was brought to my attention this morning by a HardOCP reader that EK had refunded his money after he started and RMA process with the company as he was not happy with his EVO waterblock performance. He sent along some screen shots which have been sanitized and edited for a bit easier reading that I have posted below.

Check out the document.

So it would seem that EK's tactics against its customer base have cooled a bit and they are now giving refunds to those that have purchased the Supremacy EVO for Threadripper if you have not happy with the performance it is supplying you. The reader even offered to give us his block since EK did not ask for it to be returned, but we certainly have no use for it since we have a few other blocks around here that perform quite well.

What I find very odd about this whole thing is none of the reviewers that got Threadripper waterblocks directly from EK have yet to actually review those, even months later. If those sites were not going to review the EK blocks, what did EK send those out for? Things that make you go, "Hmmm."
It's standup to offer refunds because they really didn't have to do that. Shame aside, I suspect the blocks were reviewed but result weren't released or they were told a problem exist and to hold off. Corporate wrangling is never pretty when the truth comes out. I can appreciate not making a boat load of these but to slap something together giving it very little thought doesn't bode well for their rep. Makes you wonder if they even test the stuff before releasing it. Seems only natural to make a prototype and make sure it works, if not, tweak it until its up to your standards. I guess that's a pipe dream.
Must of not sold that many. A company wouldn't take that kind of hit if they sold 10s of thousands.
If they only had sent [H] a review sample before production, it would of been great benefit to them.
I'm surprised people don't realize how much EK hates their customer base. This isn't the first example of "underperforming" blocks...
yeah? they going to buy back my peeled HF supreme?

they going to cover Sidewinder's losses?

seriously, fuck EK in their output port