Editing .PSD files. Any non-subscription based software?


Limp Gawd
Jun 11, 2015
So I play Assetto Corsa and race in leagues. One of the fun parts for a particular season is having an option to design a livery for the car you are racing that season. The files are .PSD and I've been told photoshop works like a charm. Of course, recently they've gone subscription based, I can't justify paying for a month just to use it 2 or 3 days. Does anyone know a way around this? Otherwise, is there other software I could use to modify the layers in a .PSD file? Thanks all!
Paint.NET is a very tiny (like 7-8MB, seriously) image editor for Windows that can load/save/edit PSD images - including layer support - if you install the PSD Plugin since it's not included by default. While I haven't tested that functionality everything I just found doing research says it should work as a solution that doesn't require Photoshop itself.
Can't you buy an old Photoshop from ebay?
Well it appears that the latest version of Photoshop CC has a free trial that works for 7 days and doesn't require a credit card.


I think you can figure out how to make that work for your needs if none of the other solutions end up working out.

I will say that Photoshop is a really difficult program to work with, so you'll likely need all 7 days to figure out how to use it and create what you need with it. Personally I'd just search around some league forums to see if anyone can just do the work for you. If it's just a simple take a picture and export it as a .psd then someone might do it for free.
Create an Adobe account and download the entire CS2 suite..... ;) Its an older version but works. They decommissioned the CS2 activation server a couple of years ago and when they did they put everything CS2 on the site for download with the activation removed and they even give you a license key on the download page. That being said, the intention is for those who bough CS2 and want to reinstall it. But they let anyone get it....
Wow I didn't know CS2 was basically open to anyone now.
I used CS2 as a student, but, as MixManSC said CS2 is for those who bought CS2 ;)