DVD burner not recognizing burnable media


Oct 14, 2004
I seem to be having an ongoing issue with a Samsung DVD +- burner.

SATA connection the Marvell SATA ports.
1 or 2 optical drives.

Blueray burner works no issues.
DVD burner doesn't recognize disks.

Updated firmware, checked s/w settings. checked device profile.

windows recognizes as DVD burner however.

Any ideas?
Still having issues with one of my DVD burners not recongizing even game disks...

it just retracts the tray then ejects the tray with no drive activity.

Faulty drive? I don't have any spare windows7 compatible dvd drives to test with at the moment...
Welcome to the club of crappy DVD Burners. I cannot seem to get an internal burner that will last more than about 3-5 burns before it stops burning properly.:mad:

It has been that way for years.. yet my external USB burner just keeps working.