Dual Radiator Ncase M1 - Need Advice please. Take a look


Feb 25, 2021
I really want to have to most quiet system possible. So after reading EK's material on Rad sizes, YouTube Tech vids and full of threads and different opinions, I understand that a thicker RAD can be great, but fans must run higher to provide the proper cooling, this means fans running at higher RPMs and will be a lot louder. ☹️

So I finally received the EK Coolstream PE 240 last week, but I'm on the fence!

Here's the question: Should I get the EK Coolstream SE 240 instead?

The fans would run lower RPMs, less noise, a bit more space in the case...and based on my understanding (maybe I'm wrong), I would get the the same cooling efficiency as the PE.

Or should I just stick with the PE?

One lat thing, I do potentially plan to OC the CPU to 4.7ghz on all cores (maybe push to 5ghz).

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts a d opinions!!

Be safe everyone!

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Jun 8, 2021
You do not get a linear reduction in temperature as radiator thickness increases as the air is heated as it enters the radiator. By the time the air escapes the radiator on the other side it is the same temperature as the radiator and thus has zero remaining capacity to absorb the radiator heat. Air (and water for that manner) can only absorb heat when there is a temperature differential between radiator and air. So as thickness of the radiator increases, the capacity of the air to absorb heat decreases as it moves through the additional thickness. To sum up, if you double the thickness of the radiator, the cooling efficiency only goes up by 15-20% max, not nearly the 100% increase you’d expect if thinking in a linear sense.

so I would say yes buy the se 240 rad and perhaps find another location for a second se 240 as 2 regular thickness rads each using their own supply of fresh cool air has better cooling efficiency compared to 1 double thick radiator.

I hope this helps and sorry it took so long for anyone to answer your query.