Dual Monitors in Arkham City


Limp Gawd
Mar 9, 2000
I just got a 2nd display to hook up to my gtx560ti thinking I could game with both displays, but the highest resolution I can get in Arkham City is 1920x1080. Can you not do dual display gaming with a single GPU? If you can, what the heck am I doing wrong?
You don't want to game with 2 monitors only. I know you can with eyefinity, dunno about surround. You'll be staring between the bezels with just 2.
You can't do multimonitor gaming on one card with the 560Ti, and even if you could two monitors is going to put Batman right on the bezel.
the only 500 series cards that support single card surround are the galaxy MDT cards. also the only game that has dual display support is supreme commander.. i don't even think nv surround works with 2 monitors since 1 of the 3 monitors has to be connected to the second card in SLI to enable surround on non MDT cards.
You cannot do Surround with anything other than 3 displays. Surround only supports 3 display configurations for multimonitor gaming. In general though most people would not want to do 2 display multimonitor gaming with anything other than a projector type setup due to the bezel issue.

Also performance wise at 2x1920x1080 with a GTX 560ti would not be doable without sacrificing other IQ settings. Combined with the bezel issue you'd likely be getting a worse experience.
Crap. So I'd have to get a new PSU, another gfx card, and another monitor. Ah well.
Crap. So I'd have to get a new PSU, another gfx card, and another monitor. Ah well.

nah, stick with the dual displays.. it was well worth the investment, give it about a month and you'll wonder why you didn't get a second monitor years ago. its nice being able to multi task. watching a movie/tv show on one screen, browsing the web on the other or what ever else you are doing. or playing a game on one and browsing the web on the other while you are in the middle of loading something or you are waiting to respawn.
Oh I know. I've had at least dual at work (now triple) for a long time now and coming home always annoys me.