Dual graphic Nvidia card


Sep 4, 2017
Hi! Could be possible to use a GTX 1070 6gb and an Quadro K1200 4gb on a non SLi Gigabyte B85M D3H motherboard? Could be possible to use individual monitor for each one connected both on same motherboard? Could be any risk of overheating? Would be any problem or conflict with drivers? As long as I read on other post should be ok...but I want to be sure before buy the GeForce. Thanks for reply!
Could you share with us why you want to do such a thing?
mixing and matching gfx cards and drivers could be problematic and not something most people do. Your mileage will vary.
The K1200 is maxwell (GM107). GM107 was used for some 800/900 series mobile GPUs. As kdh noted mixing drivers can lead to sadness; OTOH Maxwell is new enough that it should still be on the unified GPU driver package (cards a few generations older stop getting support in newer drivers). The question then becomes if its quadro-ness itself will be enough of a difference to cause problems.

If all you want the old card for is additional video outputs I'd suggest just having a plan B of buying a cheap NVidia consumer card for extra ports if you run into driver problems.

Cooling is entirely up to your setup, you'll have an empty slot between the two cards though so the quadro shouldn't block the 1070's airflow, and the quadro itself is relatively cool. Unless your case can't cool a 1070 itself you are probably safe there.