Drones with High-Tech Camera Revamp Archaeology


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Using aerial photography isn't a new thing for archaeologists, but using drones with thermal imaging is a technology that is making the detection of ancient sites and artifacts more accurate than use of aerial or satellite photography alone. Another big positive for the archaeology community is the low cost of drones that's putting more and more of them into the hands of archaeology teams all over the world. Furthermore, it's only a matter of time before this starts to pay big dividends and enables us to discover more about our ancient history than ever before.

"If you look, you see a flat field but below it there are big stone walls. There are cellars. There is a big old well, all kinds of stuff you can't see on the ground," Casana said of a community that once housed nearly 100 buildings but was sold in the 1920s and is now an outdoor history museum. "Those things have different thermal properties. If you capture an image at the right moment, you can see it, which is amazing."
Hopefully they dont use the drone scanning to map ruins or interiors of caves and as a convenient plot device forget to use the map they just made to escape.....