Dragon Coins


Can't Read the OP
May 24, 2006
So i read about this game the other day on Penny Arcade.

It's amazing.
It's free to play (but I've put hours in an felt no real need to pay). Let's say it's a combination between the monster-collecting/raising of Pokemon and a cheap ass carnival coin dozer game. Except the coin dozer is the mechanism of combat. An when you hit bad guys they spit more coins. And there are combos. And elemental strength/weaknesses to play off of, and order matters. There are daily elemental missions, and a main story path. There are tickets and chests and rainbow fucking coins. There are mult-stage "urgent missions" that people you've played with before can help you with if you fail to beat them on the first try. LAYERS man. Layers.

Good lord, it's so good. And SEGA made it. Who knew they still had it in them?
I got bored of this pretty quickly. Seems like there is too much going on and basically no strategy involved.
You need to get to the second tier of games. THe first segment is to build your collection and do some basic leveling. Once the elemental affinity starts mattering, coin placement, pace, timing etc start to become crucial.