Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

How much does a streamer have to make where you stop donating ? Or is it as soon as they get sponsored?
When they make a liveable wage just off of subs. when someone has 5000 subs and makes 10k a month off that, they dont need donations. Then again i dont donate to anyone and dont really see the need to. Streaming when it was justin.tv was all about someone just streaming games and hanging out with chat. Now its like streamers expect to get donations. Its not my fault you chose that as your job, the viewers dont owe you anything.
If you missed him today it was absolute golden when he was forced to watch a pewdiepie video, and his chat was hammered with "bridge video" and he had no idea what it was. You can see him google it off screen, break character for a second and then be like "no."
Twitch stars turn everything in a WWE consumable TLDR
YouTube is full of syrupy weird "family friendly" megaview chans with people talking like Teletubbies.
It appeals to kids I guess.