doing the build thang


Aug 4, 2004
I will be attempting to build my first pc after years of buying them from dell. I happen to have a few Dell cases around (go figure) and a case from a Compac 5330US. Is it easier to just buy a new case or should I attempt to reuse an old one? I had planned to buy the following:

Motherboard (suggestions?)

GPU (Maybe)

and reuse everything else from old systems.


you can probably use an old case, but if you like the looks of a newer one, you might want to look into them and read some reviews. you can easily do searches on google to find reviews on some of the more popular case brands out there (no, i don't really know them off-hand).

when deciding what you want in the case (very important step), you have a few key decisions to make:

1) what's your budget?
2) what do you intend to do with the computer?
3) do you want to use an AMD processor or an Intel processor?
4) do you have a preferred graphics card chipset manufacturer (nVidia/ATI)?

most of your decisions should fall in after you've decided budget and goal.
A LOT of the Dell and Compaq computers use proprietary motherboards, and thus require proprietary cases. I'd say that investment in a nice new case is well worth the money. Get yourself something that's easy to work on....

I suggest either an Antec (bundled with PSU) if you're going the cheaper route, or a CoolerMaster or Lian-Li if you're looking to spend a little more....