Does this OLED monitor exist?

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Mar 30, 2004
I keep reading that OLEDs don't make good pc monitors due to low refresh, but these articles are from months-year ago. I was hoping that the debut of next gen consoles would stir the market. Are there any good OLED monitors out there for PC gaming? I don't want a 55" incher, I already have that in my living room. This is being paired with my 5700xt.

  • OLED
  • 27"
  • 1440@144
  • Flat (not curved)
  • Ideally 4K@120 capable
  • Freesync
  • Ideally gsync too
  • Cost isn't a huge concern
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27" OLED might be a problem.

I know LG has the CX 48 which is generally well regarded and seems to check a lot of your boxes.
48" is huge though compared to what you're looking for.
Nope. Like said closes thing is the CX48. Don't expect anything smallet any time soon. No OLED atm does 1440@144 either.
Damnit why not? Is there no market to drive this technology down?
Display manufacturers have invested in it, with LG and Samsung on the TV side and JOLED apparently looking to make smaller panels. It's hard to sell a display tech that is prone to burn-in and would be a premium product as well. TV and phone markets can handle it because neither is going to be left open to a bright white Excel spreadsheet for hours on end.

I use the LG CX 48. It's a great screen albeit a very large one. That's why it's 1m or more away from me, probably about twice the viewing distance of a typical computer monitor. At the moment LG is the only one making larger than phone size OLEDs and their smallest model is the 48" one.
I currently have a Dell s2719dgf. The monitor employs a 27” AU Optronics TN (Twisted Nematic) panel with support for a 155Hz refresh rate and true 8-bit colour (without dithering). I only play games on this, at 1440 res. Would a TS/IPS/LED/etc.. offer significant and noticeable improvement? I'm just spoiled by my 55" 4K (video) OLED
You can pickup a


for a super low low price, throw a Vega Fresnel lens in front of it and if you blink your eyes super fast it will feel like 144hz!
Yeah so I edited the OP to say that I want flat screen, not curved. But the QLED is a good idea to research though.