does mandrake 10 has a partition manager?

Asian Fury

Nov 4, 2002
First off, I run RAID 0 over my Maxtor and Western Digital 120gb's. I'm wondering if a) does Mandrake 10 have a partition manager to make a separate partition for linux and b) does partitioning a raid array have any negative effects. Being a linux newbie, I'm also wondering how booting between the xp os and mandrake works.
is your current RAID hardware or software? What kind of controller is it on?

This is the important bit.

but, yes... every linux distro worth mentioning has software to handle partitioning (even if it's just a simple text-mode fdisk).
u dunno, i guess software. My Giga-Byte GA-8IEXP v1 has the promise chip built on the board