DOD:S problem?


Oct 10, 2002
ALL the servers have passwords on them. Not only that, I can't join one of the few that dont have a pw, what gives?
They are probably meant just for the people in their clan/guild. Also every server I have tried is full....thats why I cant get on.
When there's a new ride in town.. it's understandable that everyone wants ride it.

Going to wait till the weekend to play.. so the usual launch "OH NOES!" stuff doesn't sour my experience :)

Best of luck to the guys fighting off the masses.
yea the lag is very bad, i just fool around in it by creating my own server, its nice, the maps are awsome, and the guns are pretty cool to. i like how the mg can be deplyed anywhere you want.

btu anyways, the lag kills it, hoepfully it will be playable come the weekend.
I found a server with open spots with low (enough... 50ish) ping and lots of players finally :). The game is REALLY fun! Working great here, 1680x1050, HDR full, 4x FSAA Transparency MSAA with gamma correction, 16x AF filtering, high quality in drivers, maxed ingame options, etc. etc. The graphics (mainly because of the lighting) are just plain incredible. I've been playing for over an hour so far and love it!
NEAT now its saying "game unavable please try later" W T F :mad:
I'm already getting hl2.exe errors and crashes just running around in an empty server of my own to check stuff out. Yay Source engine! You piece of buggy ass shit.
oh yea i love how when some thing new come out that close there msg boards NEAT so if you have problems there almost no were to look for help :mad:

edit: there back up bout time